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The Ultimate Mobility

Our customers want their business calls to have flawless sound quality and efficiency. Bring all the functionality during your travels
with the Croo Talk for Mobile  as you can work from almost anywhere in the world. Install the application now.

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Maximize productivity and flexibility
with Croo Talk & Bria 5

The softphone for today’s business environment

Take your productivity to a new level with Counterparth Bria 5 softphone. Fully compatible with Croo Talk, it's ideal
whether you're a fast-moving startup or a large, established company with multiple locations.

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  • Microsoft® Office Integration

    Windows users will love how seamlessly the Countherpath Bria 5 integrates with Microsoft® Office. Communicate via voice, video, and messaging all within Outlook, and see at a glance which of your contacts are available.

  • Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave) support

    The Countherpath Bria 5 is compatible with Apple’s recent operating system release: Mojave.

  • Convenient call grouping

    Calls are grouped by both name and caller ID. Groups are collapsed by default, but a simple click delivers an expanded view revealing detailed call history information.

  • Manage call recordings

    Easily find, play, and delete recordings that accompany calls directly from your call history.

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