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7 Amazing Benefits of Croo Talk for Insurance Brokers/Agents

Mar 10, 2021 9:28:22 AM

Tough competition and changing business landscape across industries occurs daily. Customer behavior and their needs change, too.

Businesses need to adapt or else eat the dust of their competition. Don’t let this happen to you!

Like in communication, analogue systems for insurance brokerage/agencies are obsolete, ineffective, and useless when it comes to working from home.

Why? It fails to provide top-notch support that customers deserve, and it leads to loss prospects and reduced bottom line.

When no one attends the call or everyone’s busy over one, prospects need to wait or worse hang up and go look for another company. A high probability of a lost prospect exists in this system.

So, if you’re stuck with your old telephone system, consider a newer communication solution to conduct business better – it’s what your customers deserve. Let’s start with the top reasons to use a managed cloud telephony system like Croo.

1. Smooth & Easy Transition

“Before I moved my business over to Croo I did not have the flexibility to work from anywhere and always be in touch with our customers,” Lisa, an insurance brokerage manager.

She adds, “I had to rely on being in the office and only being able to answer emails if I was working remote. Croo allowed me to have the easiest transition possible from our old analog system to their new technology.”

It does not take long to implement the new telephony system, they guided me every step of the way.

2. Flexibility

“I needed an emergency implementation ASAP. I had to move quickly since COVID hit and I was not able to have my brokers work remotely with our current system,” she adds.

Croo gives brokerage/agencies firms the ability to work remotely – and in real-time! Teams manage calls better with the Croo Talk – Cloud PBX that features call recording, call forwarding, call parking, paging functions, and missed call notifications.

3. Real-Time Customer Support

“Croo talks and always delivers. Not only that Croo’s products and services are exceptional, but they also offer an amazing customer support that exceeds my expectations, and that’s not something I get from companies I used to deal with,” Owen, an insurance firm owner in Ontario said.

Croo is always available to fix any issue. A knowledgeable staff is ready to pick up the phone and assist in a timely manner.

4. Free demo, training, and tools

Croo simplifies everything from the presentation, to the implementation and to the support.

It is easy to book a demo and receive an official quote. Once you signed up, Croo also provides a free individual and group training to ensure everyone is well-versed in using Croo and offers free tools and a lifetime customer support.

5. Tailored Services

No two companies are alike. Croo believes every business is unique.
It has overall features and services that match the needs of the insurance industry.

Croo is working with the major Broker/Agent Management Systems (BMS/AMS) on integrations to help insurance brokers work more efficiently.

They are also currently working with the most influential and established insurances brokerages/agencies in North America.

6. Mobile-Friendliness

Insurance agents are often away from the office, conducting face-to-face presentations and meeting with clients.

In the past, it was all too easy to miss a prospect call, but not anymore. Croo allows clients to reach customers anywhere through its dedicated mobile app. So, without missing anything, brokers/agents can now work from anywhere without skipping a beat!

7. Pricing

They offer a very competitive pricing as Will, owner of an agency in California mentions, “And the cost? Oh, just about half of what we were paying. Yikes. Wishing we had found out about Croo sooner. I highly recommend working with them.”

Use Croo and take advantage of its…

  • Reliability: Croo’s backbone is Amazon Web Services and has a 99.7% customer satisfaction rate.
  • High scalability: Croo grows with your business. No need to worry about infrastructure again.
  • Easy communication: Reach out and communicate with clients easily with the close-to-zero latency and high call success rates of Croo.
  • Functions and call management: Call transfer, multi-line management, caller ID, and all the basics are included. Croo Talk also allows your brokers to manage call recording, call forwarding, unlimited call queues, paging, and call parking functions easily.
  • Custom hold music: Use it for marketing offers, promotions and announcements.
  • Multiple devices: Access Croo in up to five different devices and communicate with clients even if you’re away from the office.
  • Analytics: Get the most out of Croo Talk with analytics for KPI monitoring and team performance assessment.

Redefine Modern Customer Communication

Reach out to customers in real-time wherever you are through Croo’s managed cloud phone system! Don’t get left behind. Leverage this innovative technology especially designed and created for the modern insurance broker.

Sarah Reyes

Written by Sarah Reyes