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Analog Systems vs. Cloud Telephony Systems: Which Is Better?

Aug 24, 2021 10:26:15 AM

Analog systems have supported thousands of businesses for many years. They are based on copper wires and plain old telephone service (POTS) and feature basic functions, such as redial, mute, hold, and speed dial like a home phone has.

However, they are insufficient and lack the flexibility that a business need. They do not offer much potential for expansion, not mentioning they’re costly to set up and buy. They also require a high investment to configure, maintain, and support. So, if you’re changing its extension’s location needs a professional to rewire the punchboard.

In the first year or so, you might think that you have saved money, but not. In fact, it is locking you into a system with adapter requirements if you want to integrate with CRM and VoIP, too.

Why switch to a cloud telephony system?

Analog system issues like lack of flexibility and limited capabilities are not in cloud phone systems.

Cloud-based systems are modern with advanced features like on hold, missed call notifications, and custom music.

Seamless and simple

No on-site installation and equipment are needed. It means not needing any private branch exchange box that takes up space.
You also do not have to deal with and be annoyed by bulky copper wires or cable ducts.

And without any physical hardware for cloud systems, you also do not have to worry about upgrades and ongoing maintenance.

All the back-end changes are not on-site. They are remotely handled.


Analog systems do not let users work remotely.

For insurance agents having to attend face-to-face meetings and conduct presentations, they might miss important client calls if they are away from the office
Contrarily, cloud telephony systems allow remote work and mobility. They are with functionalities that let you customize it in a way that suits your needs.


With a cloud-based telephony system like CROO Talk, you do not get to lock yourself in an expensive and long-term contract or buy expensive hardware.

You can select a plan that suits your needs, as to the number of users and the features you want integrated in your chosen package. Thus, you don’t need to pay for any unexpected cost.

And when you want to upgrade, it’s easy! You can rely on this less expensive solution than on-premise analog systems. It is highly-scalable that it grows as you do.

Plus, you can connect five different devices and use Croo Talk anywhere you are there’s an internet connection.

A cloud phone also lets you add direct numbers or extensions with a touch of a button. This hosted VoIP solution allows your entire firm to operate and manage calls with ease using only one communication system that is convenient for everyone.


Croo Talk has a simplified and straightforward design and interface, allowing everyone to streamline phone calls and increasing overall productivity.
Your brokers no longer need to manually manage phones, too; thus, they can make use of their time in doing important tasks.

As a result, you satisfy your customers and increase your bottom line. It is because a cloud phone system can make your business function better for its flexibility to let you adjust it easily and quickly. But this time, you don’t need to be locked in a long-term contract.

Plus, you can stay on top of our game with our easy ZOHO integration! Now, you can get real-time notifications when you miss a call from your prospects and contacts.

Essential information gets stored in one place – missed call alerts, call history, call activity, workflow tracking data, call logs, and contact storage.

And with Croo Analytics platform, you can learn about the real ROI of your campaigns because you can quickly merge your CRM data with it.

A cloud phone system also lets you connect multiple devices and gives you that ultimate mobility. During your travels, you can even take Croo Talk with you via the Croo Talk for Mobile. It lets you work anywhere you are in the world.


Analog systems have limited compatibilities, but cloud ones give you more options. Croo Talk lets you maximize productivity, while having the total flexibility for the modern insurance firms. It is 100% compatible with BRIA, an ideal solution for small to large companies for its multiple locations.

Bria integrates with Microsoft Office seamlessly, allowing you to communicate through messaging and voice within the Microsoft Outlook. It also lets you see who of your contacts are available.

Now, the question, “Analog systems vs. cloud telephony systems: which is better?” Be the judge.

But if you want to stay on top of the game, ditch the analog. Switch to Croo Talk cloud telephony systems. Call +1 (855) 936-6326 today!

Sarah Reyes

Written by Sarah Reyes