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Cloud-Based Telephony System Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About

Aug 23, 2021 2:44:26 PM

Why switch from your old hardware-based system to a cloud-based telephony system for your insurance firm? Recently, there’s been a rise in the use of cloud-based systems in running a business. It involves migrating some business operations to the cloud or over the internet, and for reasons.

If you’re managing and haven’t thought of switching to a cloud telephony system, you might have to re-think. Here are its primary advantages.

Cloud Telephony Defined
Before discussing the benefits, let’s discuss what cloud telephony is.
A cloud-based telephony system is hosted virtually. Think Google Drive or Dropbox in cloud computing. These services allow you to access your personal or business documents in the cloud.

And just like in cloud computing, this telephony system, which benefits business of all sizes, offers you with plenty of benefits

1.Minimal to zero downtime
Nothing can be more frustrating than a phone system failing. It won’t allow your team to make and attend to calls.

Besides the wait time for the technical repair team to arrive on-site, it also causes a lot of frustration on the part of your customers needing assistance and support immediately.
With a cloud-based telephony system, you can have the system back up and running fast!
Maximum uptime is also guaranteed with cloud telephony systems.

At Croo, rest assured that you can communicate with ease for its unbeatable close-to-zero latency and maximum call success rates.

2.Reduced Hardware Cost
Small to medium businesses without the capacity to support a more reliable and functional call center that attends to their client inquiries, questions, and concerns switch to the cloud.
It gives them cost-savings because it can prevent resources and time lost, a common issue with hardware-based phone systems when it fails.

In fact, you should call the service provider or create a ticket, and then wait for their technical team to visit on-site and perform the repair. It might take days, if not hours.
It’s because the hardware-operated analog system is on-site and the service provider might have to fix problems of other subscribers.

Chances for immediate fixes are slim. Thus, you might have to wait longer for the solution.
Plus, it can also be costly to replace the hardware, leading to more expenses, but many small businesses cannot simply afford it.

Oppositely, cloud-based phone systems like Croo Cloud PBX can help fix any issue or make changes remotely; thus, you don’t need to pay any call out fees or expensive hardware replacement, if needed.

Croo also offers structured pricing for its services. You choose a plan that suits your budget and current requirements.

And if you need to upgrade, you can simply talk to sales for assistance and an instant quote on the package with your preferred features.

Nevertheless, a cloud-based telephony system reduces your overall hardware cost. You also only pay for the number of users in your system. That’s a lot of dollar savings annually!

3.Quick, Easy, and Seamless Implementation
No on-site hardware installation or on-site visit, cloud telephony systems are easy to implement!

Croo Cloud PBX is simple and seamless to implement.
Your team will get individual or group training to get them familiarized with the system, its basic functions, how to use it, and so on.

You’ll also get a lifetime customer support and free tools and resources and receive real-time answers to your questions.

4.Unmatched Mobility
“I needed an emergency implementation ASAP. I had to move quickly since COVID hit and I was not able to have my brokers work remotely with our current system,” an insurance firm owner in Quebec revealed.

Croo is engineered and designed on the global infrastructure of Amazon Web Services, giving it an ability to keep its reliability, clarity, and efficiency regardless who or where you’re speaking with.

Best of all, you also get a centralized voicemail, Android and iOS softphone services, and instant messaging functionality.

Croo gives you and your team to work anywhere and with an ability to manage calls with the Cloud PBX’s call recording, call parking, and call forwarding features, to name some.
The benefits do not end here because a cloud telephony system is…

  • Highly-scalable
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Multiple device use
  • Custom hold music and messaging
  • Croo analytics function

Improve Customer Service with a Cloud-Based Telephony System
With a growing customer-base, your analog system might not be able to keep up, leading to poor customer service.

Build and maintain your reputation with customer relationship management through a solid and reliable customer communication with a cloud telephony system.
It can help you deliver quality, real-time customer service, increasing customer satisfaction and improving your reputation.

A cloud telephony system is unlike analog phone systems that increases call drops and phone unavailability when customers need you the most.
Pick up calls wherever, whenever. Switch to Croo Talk and deliver superior customer service all the time. Talk to us today!

Sarah Reyes

Written by Sarah Reyes