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Cloud Telephony System Improves Customer Support Amidst COVID (and Beyond)

Aug 23, 2021 1:53:13 PM

Given the current COVID situation, insurers re-think and innovate, as they respond and adjust to customer needs. For many, Cloudization is the way to go – and for reasons.

How they respond and make customers feel in this pandemic will be remembered post-COVID.
So, if you’re operating an insurance firm, consider communicating with customers more often, respond to them in real-time, and make them feel important.

Do it in a more efficient way – shift to a proactive approach for your customer support via an advanced Cloud telephony system. What are its benefits?

Insurance Communication Digitization Benefits

This pandemic pushed a lot of businesses to build lasting relationships with consumers whose worlds have dramatically changed with everything happening.
But for insurers doing it right, they can outlast this pandemic. One way to do it is to move their communication systems to the cloud.

Affordable and Practical

Traditional PBX systems are costly because they need frequent maintenance and upgrades, not mentioning them taking so much space in the office.
Besides that, it limits the numbers of customers that your brokers can attend to at a time because of its limited capacity.

This is not the case with cloud-based phone systems. They are simply more affordable than a traditional landline is. How is that possible? They run across an already installed internet connection - ready to use!

No hardware installation or line rental is necessary, saving you more money in the end. You also eliminate the need to pay hefty upfront fees on hardware.

Cloud-based telephony systems allows you to enjoy top technologies at a fraction of the cost – with a fixed monthly cost.

It is also highly-scalable - growing as your business grows.
With all these features in your Cloud telephony system, you can offer a professional customer support. You will be there when your customers need you!

Regardless if you have 1 or 100+ users, your telephony system on the cloud gives your firm the full functionalities, including an intercom, paging, call parking, call forwarding, caller ID, and multiple-line management.

Using a better communication system, you can provide your customers with the excellent support and assistance that they deserve.

Remote Capabilities

Now, you and your team can work remotely, whether you’re currently implementing a part or full remote workforce.

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the best solutions for this kind of setup, which is what many businesses have adapted since the pandemic hit.
Teams can stay connected and work in real-time, enhancing productivity!
You also save yourself from the hassle of installing an analog phones system for each of your brokers.

Easy to Implement and Integrate with Your CRM

A cloud-based phone system is quick and easy to install. It doesn’t require hardware or bulky wires, too.

Your brokers can also quickly integrate it with ZOHO CRM, one of the best platforms for insurance agents.

So, regardless where you are working or who you are communicating with, a telephony system like CROO Talk gives you the ability to communicate with ease and handle your calls better.

You never have to miss another important call again. Improve team performance and productivity – immediately!

For its fast and easy implementation, you can instantly provide customers with an excellent customer service.

Innovation at your fingertips

With Croo Talk, insurance agents can also pair their office phone to their mobile devices. You can also sync the office phone number/s to your brokers’ mobile devices regardless of where they are.

And with a unified voicemail, insurance agents can pick up those messages from their device.
Cloud telephony systems also have call recording and call monitoring for added efficiency.
With these features, you can increase your return on investment easily by jumping into the cloud and letting go of your old analog system.


Implementing a cloud-based telephony system, you and your team will always available for your customers, who deserve nothing less in customer support.

Outlast COVID with a Better Way to Serve Customer

Improving communication with customers is integral to your firm’s success even after COVID-19.

Traditional PBX systems are costly, hard to maintain, and lack flexibility. They’re not suitable for doing business in these times. Instead, use a cloud-based phone system that gives you more flexibility, saves you money, and grows as your needs grow.

Want real-time, reliable, and cost-effective communication system that offers an overall higher level of customer satisfaction? Switch to the cloud. Talk to us today!

Sarah Reyes

Written by Sarah Reyes