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Cloud Telephony Systems: Build Relationships and Improve CX

Aug 23, 2021 1:40:08 PM

While modern living brings convenience, it isn’t risk-free. It is why insurance companies offering gap insurance, liability insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance (name it!) abound everywhere.

According to Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, over 150 health and life insurance providers operate in Canada. This competition is good for consumers because they can select as to which company to do business with, and that better serves their needs.
But if you operate an insurance firm, how do you win their hearts (and business)?
Improve customer experience (CX), from the pre- to the post-sales stage.

Customer experience is a broad term – but it boils down to this – it’s the sum of the interactions a customer has with your firm over the life of their relationship with your brand/company.
Improving CX and doing it right, you’ll reduce customer churn, achieve high satisfaction rate, and increase profit.

A “relationship-based” (insurance) business or not, the goal is to make customers happy or they’ll stop doing business with an entity.

Build lasting relationships. Change the way you communicate with customers.
If you’re still with analog phone systems, don’t you think it’s time to switch to something better?
Analog systems can be inexpensive because they have limited features – but they might not be suitable for modern customer communication and a growing business.

The competition is tough out there. Your insurance brokerage might not survive it with an outdated phone system with limited capabilities and functions.

Analog phones won’t help you maintain long-term customer relationships, especially if you’re expanding your horizons and growing your customer base.

Not mentioning, these systems require a lot on your end – upgrades, more and more bulky and annoying cables and wires, and “you (and your team)” being in the office all the time to use them.

What if you need to meet clients, do presentations outside the office, or be remote like in a vacation house somewhere? And customers need to talk but your line is unavailable?

Analog systems are simply outdated. Switch to cloud telephony systems.

Cloud Telephony Systems Help Maintain Long-Term Customer Relationships

Satisfied customers are every business’ strength, insurance firm or not.
  • They do business with you again and again and again.
  • They give a positive review about your firm online.
  • They refer your brokerage to friends, colleagues, and family.
  • They spread the word about your business.

Bottom line, “Happy customers are engaged customers”

You can improve your insurance brokerage’s reputation with more satisfied customers.
And being in the insurance industry, one of the best ways to do that is to maintain long-term and satisfying relationships with clients whether in collecting premium or selling policies or simply connecting with them.

You can make customer relationship stronger through a better communication, which is paramount to any successful business – and to do that is to change how you communicate, just better!

For instance, consider switching to a cloud telephony system like CROO Talk with all the features (fully customizable) to deliver a more professional customer service.
As you may already know, delayed or failed responses can make customers feel unimportant or neglected.

It takes only seconds for a customer to hang up and look for another insurance firm ready to pick up the phone, answer a query, or fix an issue. What’s worse? They can stop contacting you altogether. This is a common problem with analog systems.Not with a cloud-based phone system.

Once customers contact your call center, your brokers can quickly answer their calls.
Using a cloud telephony system, your brokers can deliver a prompt customer response, which is essential in the insurance business.

Simply improving communication in your operations can go a long way in enhancing CX.
Croo Cloud PBX allows you and your team to manage calls and optimize customer service – for its call parking, call recording, call forwarding, and missed call notifications, to name some.
Customer Communication’s Cloud Adoption Is the Way to Go.

It’s one of the most effective business strategies you can implement to improve your scalability, while not leaving behind all-important customer relationship management (CRM).
And to do that exactly, you need a reliable cloud telephony system that offers reliability and scalability. It grows with your business.

You never again would be stuck in an obsolete, stagnant analog system that makes up for poor customer service. Outdated is this system that doesn’t offer flexibility and mobility.
It doesn’t grow with you nor serve customers well, increasing your chances of losing them day by day….

Change how you do customer service, improve customer experience, and build lasting relationships. Out with the analog and in to the cloud.

Switch to Croo Talk. Call +1 (855) 936-6326 today!

Sarah Reyes

Written by Sarah Reyes