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Croo Talk as A Disaster Recovery Solution

Nov 18, 2021 4:11:29 PM

Disasters can test an organization’s resolve and resilience, proving to everyone that the company can weather any storm. Using Croo Talk as a disaster recovery solution can be a boon for companies that want to ensure business continuity when disaster strikes. It is a reliable system that business owners can trust to keep their companies afloat amidst a sea of chaos, fear, and confusion. 

Impact of Disasters on Businesses

Two to three out of five small businesses never recover after a disaster, such as flooding, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Unfortunately, it is not only natural calamities that companies must face. They are also at the mercy of IT incidents, including massive data loss. 

IT downtimes can cost businesses between $140,000 and $540,000 per hour in losses. Large enterprises can lose up to $5 million per hour of IT downtime. 

Unfortunately, financial losses are not the only issues companies face. There are indirect costs, too. For example, a UC Irvine study revealed that it takes about 20 to 25 minutes for a person to refocus after a downtime. These minutes of unproductivity can also translate to substantial losses to the organization.

How Disasters Affect Businesses

Calamities and disasters can take various forms, producing different effects on companies, organizations, homes, and other entities. An effective disaster recovery solution, such as Croo Talk, must help the company in the following disaster effects.

  • Communication Barriers

Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural forces can disrupt telecommunications. Add to these calamities the resulting hysteria, panic, and confusion from the affected public, and one can see how disasters can impact communication. It is easy to overwhelm help hotlines with calls coming from everyone. 

  • Supply Chain Disruptions

Businesses rely on third-party suppliers for their raw goods. A disaster can disrupt the supply chain, leaving the company without recourse but to close temporarily. Ports can close, bridges collapse, and roads damaged, further complicating the delivery of critical resources.

  • Equipment Loss

Disasters can also damage office equipment and machines beyond repair. Even if these operational resources are repairable, it will take time before the company can use them. The downtime can translate to losses for the business. It can opt to purchase new equipment but an additional expense.

  • Infrastructure Damage

Tornadoes, fires, and earthquakes can render buildings untenable, prompting the company to relocate its operations. 

  • Loss of Personnel

The majority of disasters will always have casualties. It will take some time to hire suitable replacements if some victims are the organization’s employees. The loss of personnel can strain the organization’s daily operations and productivity.

  • Loss of Clientele

A company can also lose its clients after a disaster. Customers can move to another place, reducing the organization’s client base. 

Croo Talk as a Reliable Disaster Recovery Solution

While Croo Talk cannot address all a company’s recovery concerns after a disaster or a calamity, we can provide you with an efficient platform to shorten your downtime and get you back on your feet in no time.

Croo Talk is a Cloud-based telephony service you can depend on to keep your communication lines open during a disaster. You will never worry about customers and other people swamping your phone lines with calls. Your communications infrastructure will remain intact, allowing you to serve your clients and stakeholders amidst the confusion and chaos.

We at Croo have a secure Cloud infrastructure that businesses can rely on to safeguard their data. Croo Talk comes with exceptional security features and multiple redundancies to eliminate massive data losses. You will never lose a byte of critical customer and operations information.

The best part is that Croo Talk lets you organize your team to start the disaster recovery process as soon as the dust of chaos clears. 

What is crucial is to set Croo Talk as your company’s disaster recovery solution. We can help you develop a comprehensive business continuity plan to minimize interruptions in your company’s normal operations. Croo Talk can form the backbone of this plan, allowing your business to limit the extent of the damage and disruption while also mitigating its economic impact

Croo Talk lets you communicate with your team and other key personnel when disaster strikes. You can set your business continuity plan into motion with a clear message to everyone in your organization.

Get Croo Talk for Your Business Continuity Today

Businesses that have our Croo Talk have a better chance of ensuring business continuity after a disaster. They can re-establish their operations faster and with significantly less downtime. Your business can also benefit from Croo Talk’s robust features, exceptional versatility, and unmatched security.

Sarah Reyes

Written by Sarah Reyes