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Croo Talk For Insurance the tailored made solution for the industry.

Aug 24, 2021 11:39:38 AM

The telecom industry has always suffered with bad reputation throughout the years, however at Croo we use that as motivation to go above and beyond and deliver what we promised. Our whole platform was developed alongside industry experts. As a C level or a manager you are always faced with challenges on how to effectively oversee your team and the good news is with your Croo system you will be able to now overcome those challenges. 

Over the course of the last few years, we have proven that we are who we say we really are. We have kept our promises to our valued customers and there are a lot more exciting releases to be announced in the coming months. We are here to disrupt the market and we will.

Throughout the last year, many businesses have had to change the way they work. Whether its working from home or working with reduced staff, you are faced with a new way of overseeing your team. Has it ever occurred that you do not have the proper tools and metrics to seamlessly keep track of your team's performance.  If this is the case, look no further, Croo manager is the solution for you. Don’t take my word for it, this is what our satisfied customers are saying when they spread the good word of Croo. 

Many businesses are trying to accommodate a flexible work environment for their staff. If you are a business using Croo, your employees will be able to work autonomously while you maintain confidence in their productivity. I remember a client coming to me and telling me that during the peak of the pandemic they needed more metrics to keep track of their staff's effectiveness. Challenge accepted! They were now ready to implement our Croo manager system and they never looked back since. This client is now able to build customizable reports, visually see all the calls each agent is making / receiving, and overall see if their staff is being productive. 

Speaking of productivity, funny story actually… I had a client ask me if it was possible to have one of his staff members work from Mexico for a week. His biggest worry was that he was part of the busiest call queue, and wasn't sure he would be able to keep track of the amount of calls he was taking. I had the pleasure of introducing him to our journey feature where he can see in real time exactly what this particular agent is doing. He was able to keep track of the amount of calls taken,  calls missed and also was able to dive deeper into the calls per minute, which was great for auditing purposes. This also allowed him to make sure he wasn't consuming too much tequila on the beach ( ha ha ha ).  By listening to the call recordings, he was able to detect in fact that there was no slurring in his words.

One of the industry’s most vital needs is call recording. It allows brokerages / agencies to protect themselves from errors & omissions. Agents tend to ask a series of questions before adding a claim to a file or changing a policy and having a record of that is very crucial to their business. Additionally, for training purposes, call recording is crucial. It can also help with self improvement as individual employees have access to all of their calls directly on the Croo portal. Better than that, an agent can also download a call to place into a specific folder or copy and paste the call directly into their Broker Management System / AMS. This allows agents to be more efficient and have all the past recording already stored into the client file. 

In the insurance industry, it is very important to have easy access to all recordings. I have had some conversations in the past with prospects that used the old paper and pen method to document calls. I know people tend to go with the model that if it works why change it? But what if you lose that piece of paper? What if you need to bring a client to court for something he said and you don’t have a way to protect yourself. Croo Talk for Insurance will be there for you the whole length of the way with our reliable call recording feature.

Other than having calls recorded for E & O purposes, Croo also offers training features for when you need to hire more staff or just to train a staff member when needed. One of our ambassadors was in need of a feature that allowed him to hop on a call live with an agent to make sure he is following the right procedure when he is on the phone with a client. In comes our live call listening and call whispering features that enables team managers or team leads to be there for their new employees. It is as if the manager is sitting right next to his employee acting as a safety net. Whether the staff member is at home or in the office, Croo offers a wide variety of mobility.

With Croo talk for Insurance, clients always come back to me and tell me how they never miss important calls, no matter where they are. Whether they are on the road, or even out of the country, they will always be able to keep in touch with their clients. This boosts their efficiency. 

We understand that more than ever our clients value the separation between work & leisure. Giving out your personal cell phone number may not always be practical, especially if you're on a night out with friends or even a loved one. Our mobile app & softphone is the key to mobility. If you are having a night out and you do not want to get bothered with work calls you can always place your mobile app on the do not disturb, this way you can enjoy your night without being bothered.

It's Monday morning after a long weekend. Suzan at reception is busily transfering calls. She spends quite a bit of time checking each individual's status. Is Jim in the office? Is he working from home? Did he leave earlier for his lunch meeting to beat that terrible noon traffic? It doesn't really matter. Suzan easily transfers the call to Jim. Jim rarely misses a call, unless he's with the miss’s . No need for multiple lines or even a separate “work phone”. Jim loves that with his Croo mobile app he can easily silence incoming calls from work while staying accessible to his children without ever having to give out his personal number. 

As you can see, we value our customer needs very seriously. Here at Croo, we want to ensure that our customers become the most productive and efficient they can be by working smarter not harder. Additionally, we are here to make sure that we keep a personal approach at all times. We make sure to keep the transition as simple and smooth as possible. We take great pride in what we do and the happiness of our customers is what makes us get up in the morning and do what we do.