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Good Employees Are Rare: Here’s How to Spot Them

Dec 1, 2021 5:30:00 AM

One of the best assets a company can ever have is good employees. They stand out above the rest, they outperform the rest, and they work better than the rest. What makes a good employee? They're the rare breed, but sometimes the unrecognized talents in the organization. They're hard to find, so if you have them on your team, you're in luck. Here are their unique characteristics.

They are givers

Often on top of their career ladder, they're employees that pay it forward, help those needing it without expecting anything in return, and make strategic choices. With such attributes, these employees are ideal choices for employers, too. But while they're skilled and knowledgeable in their fields, they ask for help when needed and don't hesitate to do so.

They’re dedicated

Possessing a strong sense of support to their role or the business, dedicated employees are purpose-driven and that they're passionate about their work. Generally, they have a positive attitude towards their job, are flexible in tasks, and are punctual in the company- or work-related events.

Even if they don't have extensive experience just yet, they're going the extra mile to put in work and training to gain experience. Plus, they're goal-oriented and are serious about improving their qualities to be better at their jobs.

They’re confident

They are not just confident of themselves and their abilities, but they can also convince and prove their abilities to their superiors. However, they also know when to listen more than they speak, when to ask for help, and how to adapt to a new position or role. With confidence, they can embrace the challenges in the workplace easier than their counterparts do.

They think out of the box and get things done

Small businesses are more in need of proactive, creative employees that can adapt to shifting priorities quickly. They do the needful, regardless of how they would. And when there’s a project issue, they step in without being told to do so and find ways to solve it.

They are a (little) eccentric and quirky

Good employees aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. They are a little eccentric and different, so they come across as being odd. More often, they have unusual personalities, which can make the ordinary extraordinary.

They are not scared to stretch boundaries especially in times when it is being called for. Without even saying, they’re creative thinkers that make the difference in teams especially in new idea generation.

They have excellent teamwork skills

Behind successful teams are employees that value and demonstrate teamwork. Good employees are excellent team players, ensuring they're valuable members of their teams. Team players are flexible and adaptable to change, responsible and reliable, problem solvers, and committed to helping their team succeed.

They give credit to where it’s due (and in public)

Regardless of who produced the good work for the team, an exceptional employee recognizes it and praises the person who produced the excellent results in public. These individuals support the team and its objectives. They're motivated to contribute to achieving and reaching these goals together with the team.

They recognize that some things are better discussed privately

A good employee is unafraid to approach their boss about a sensitive issue alone and come personally to discuss it, as they also know that discussing it in public could be detrimental.

An exceptional employee is someone who feels for their team and its issues and is unafraid to talk to the boss, ask about those, and raise them when the rest of their team simply can't.

They are driven

They are unafraid to prove that someone or something in the system is wrong. It is because of their burning desire and vision to achieve something greater for your organization. They have a deeper drive to accomplish things not just to perform their job and finish it.

They can’t help but reinvent processes

They’re never finished and cannot be satisfied because of their passion and drive. They constantly want to achieve something better, something that others think is impossible. Thus, exceptional employees can continue to reinvent processes because they cannot simply stop and be content with what currently exists.

They’re reliable

You can rely on them to get the job done and many times go out of their way to ensure that they deliver more than what is expected from them. Most of the time, they can also prove that they can accomplish the task without supervision. They also produce high-quality work, show up on company-related events early, and meet deadlines consistently.

Final Thoughts

Good employees are valuable assets of your organization. They’re reliable, dedicated, givers, and honest. They show up, deliver, and perform their best because they’re driven by their deep sense of commitment to achieve something greater for the organization, not just for the sake of finishing the job.

Sarah Reyes

Written by Sarah Reyes