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How to Leverage the Cloud for Your Insurance Firm

Nov 18, 2021 10:16:14 AM

Today’s policyholders have more and greater expectations from their insurance providers, requiring insurers to amp their game. Policyholders demand a seamless, engaging, and meaningful digital experience every time they interact with their insurers. Moreover, they also demand multiple communication channels, empowering them to contact their insurer anytime, anywhere. 

Cloud technologies can empower insurance firms to create a meaningful and engaging customer-centric experience for their policyholders. Here is how to leverage the Cloud for your insurance firm.

Give Policyholders Multiple Communication Channels 

In the past, insurance firms relied on phone calls and snail mail to communicate with their policyholders. Not anymore. Today, policyholders expect to connect with their insurers via social media, video conference, chat, email, phone calls, and other communication channels.

Giving your policyholders multiple channels to contact you tells them you value their experience. It allows your clients to have control over how they want to engage your firm.

We at Croo provide a Cloud telephony service with multiple communication channels in a single platform. You can send SMS and emails through the Cloud or interact with your policyholders via video calls, social media engagements, or the more traditional phone call. 

Improve Intra-company Collaboration

One thing that separates insurance companies from other businesses is the team of independent agents and brokers complementing an insurer’s branches with their respective underwriters. Too often, these team members do not share information about clients, making the delivery of a meaningful customer experience challenging.

Cloud technologies allow insurance firm elements to collaborate and deliver exceptional customer service to their policyholders at first-call. 

For example, a potential client calls your firm about the premiums. Your customer service agent can discuss the policy with an underwriter before giving a concrete answer within a few minutes. There is no need to transfer the call or call the client back because your agent already has it, making your client feel valued because of no time wasted. 

Croo lets your agents, customer service representatives, underwriters, and brokers communicate efficiently to deliver an experience your clients will love.

Integrate Other Business Applications for a More Comprehensive Policy Management

Policyholders expect their insurers to have a comprehensive history of customer-company interactions. They want every contact to be meaningful, efficient, and personalized. The same is true for insurance firms expecting their policyholders to know the details of their insurance.

Managing such information is hassle-free with a robust Cloud telephony service with integrated customer relationship management (CRM). It unifies the insurance company’s strategies, technologies, tools, and techniques for generating leads, acquiring new customers, and retaining valued clients.

Croo provides seamless integration with Zoho, a robust CRM platform with customizable features, empowering insurance firms and other businesses to improve customer interactions. Ensuring the best possible experience for your clients and policyholders is pain-free with our Croo Cloud-based telephony.

Streamline Communications Processes 

Two out of five policyholders are willing to look for a different insurer if they have a negative experience with their current firm. This information is a wake-up call to insurance companies, highlighting the need to improve customer service delivery.

One thing that any consumer hates is getting passed to different agents to get the correct solution. It is a waste of time and energy having to talk to various customer service representatives and other company resources without any sign of addressing the problem. Besides the annoying wait times, customers want their issues resolved at first contact.

Cloud communications technologies allow businesses to route calls to the right person in the company. It cuts the waiting period and delivers a positive experience to the customer.

We at Croo can provide your policyholders and clients seamless connection to your team of underwriters, brokers, agents, and customer service personnel.  

Ensure Uniformity of Information to All Branches, Agents, and Brokers

A robust Cloud communications platform enables an insurance company to centralize its information for more efficient dissemination to local branches, brokers, independent insurance agents, underwriters, and others in the team. 

Everyone has access to credible and valid information, regardless of their location. Your employees can generate leads, close sales, and serve policyholders wherever they may be.

Croo lets your employees use up to five internet-enabled devices to stay connected with your clients. We empower you to disseminate uniform information your team members can use to deliver exceptional customer service.


Leveraging the Cloud can improve your insurance firm’s operations, generate more leads, and exceed policyholder expectations. It enhances information flow and management, empowering your insurance team to deliver unmatched customer service.

Cloud-based telephony services, such as Croo Talk, will help drive your company’s bottom line, ensuring happy stakeholders and customers.

Sarah Reyes

Written by Sarah Reyes