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How to Improve Your Team’s Productivity

Nov 23, 2021 10:45:00 AM

Successful business owners know how to prioritize, plan, and streamline their work, making them productive. Unfortunately, not all employees can do the same, undermining the company’s overall productivity. As the boss of your company, you will also want your workers to be efficient and productive. Here are some tips on how to improve your team’s productivity.

Be a Role Model

One of the most effective ways to improve your team’s productivity is by modeling the desired behavior. You might consider yourself a workaholic, but your employees might not see what you are doing behind closed doors.

Exhibiting good time management can help your employees to do the same. If you expect them to be on time for work, you must model the behavior, too. It is easy to confuse people when their superiors say something yet do another.

You can show your team how you conduct your business, including responding to emails, signing on projects, and attending meetings. Revisit your company’s vision, mission, values, and philosophy, and think of ways you can operationalize the principles for your team to follow.

Set Measurable and Realistic Goals

One reason many employees are less productive is unclear, unrealistic, and unmeasurable goals. 

Setting unrealistic objectives is one of the many causes of project failures. Overly optimistic expectations can have disastrous results. Workers may not share the idea of company owners, making them feel the goals are unachievable.

If you want your team to be productive, you must start with clear, measurable, and realistic goals. It will give your employees a vivid picture of what you expect from them. 

Consider the time and resources required to complete their work, including their skill levels in formulating realistic goals. It would be unwise to expect workers to develop a computer program in a week if they barely have computer competency.

Clarify Your Expectations

Setting realistic goals is often not enough to improve a team’s productivity. In many instances, employees need one-on-one guidance from their employers.

Business owners must devote sufficient time to meet individual team members and communicate priority tasks and role expectations. You can give your workers the top two or three areas they must focus on in a given period. It will also help to describe your expectations, including work quality and time of completion.

Croo Talk can be a reliable partner in communicating your expectations to your workers. You can rely on our efficient and effective Cloud telephony service to engage your employees and define your expectations from them.

Encourage Open Communication

An honest and open dialogue with your employees is crucial to improving their productivity. Some business owners think that they are never wrong in their thinking and that their way of doing things is the only way forward. Unfortunately, man is not infallible. We make mistakes, assume wrongly, and make unwise decisions. 

Opening your company’s communication lines with your employees can help correct misconceptions, clarify confusion, and promote a healthy working atmosphere. It is essential to recognize that each person brings a wealth of experience and beliefs that others can learn from, including the company owner.

Open communication makes your workers feel they can talk to you about their tasks. They can approach you if they face challenges in accomplishing their work. You can allocate more resources or give them more time to complete their activities. Problems occur if people do not tell their superiors their concerns and fail to follow through. 

We at Croo are all for open and healthy communication. We have one of the best Cloud-based telephony services on the market to allow businesses to establish, build, and strengthen their communication with their employees. 

Empower Your Employees to Make Decisions

Giving employees some level of autonomy can improve their engagement and motivation. They also feel more valued, allowing them to use their creativity and ingenuity in making things work.

You do not have to delegate the all-important business decisions to your employees. Organizations can grant autonomy to their employees by providing activities that allow workers to make decisions.

For example, you can encourage them to make their work schedules without compromising their productivity. They can also decide how to perform their daily planning, send emails, attend meetings, and do other office activities.

Croo can help your employees gain a sense of autonomy. Our service offers various features that can make your workers’ lives simpler, ensuring better productivity.


Improving your team’s productivity starts with role modeling. You can then set realistic and measurable goals, clarify expectations, encourage open communication, and give your employees a sense of autonomy. Give it time, and your team will be as efficient and productive as you envisioned them to be.

Sarah Reyes

Written by Sarah Reyes