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Red Flags to Watch Out for a Bad Cloud Telephony Service Provider

Nov 27, 2021 2:45:00 PM

Cloud telephony revolutionizes a business’ communications strategy by improving data management, acquisition, storage, access, and security. Unfortunately, not all companies and Cloud telephony service providers are a perfect match.

There is a chance your organization’s communications strategy effort will fail if you are not careful in choosing the technology partner to provide your business with sound Cloud telephony services. Here are some of the red flags to watch out for a bad cloud telephony service provider.

One-Size-Fits-All Philosophy

No two organizations are alike, even if they are in the same niche, serve the same customers, or provide similar offerings. Businesses looking for a Cloud telephony partner must also understand that their needs are different from other companies.

Cloud-based phone systems make small and medium-sized businesses look big, allowing them to improve their market standing or gain a larger share of the pie. Unfortunately, how can companies compete if the service they use is similar to what other companies use?

A Cloud telephony service provider that offers a one-size-fits-all solution should be a red flag for any business owner. It only shows the service provider’s lack of understanding of the true nature of business organizations as individual entities with unique needs and requirements.

At Croo, you can trust us to provide you with a Cloud telephony service tailor-fitted to your business needs. We ensure to work with our clients every step of the way, considering their pain points to design a system that they can call their own.

Lacks Transparency

Businesses want their partners to be credible and trustworthy. The Cloud telephony service provider must be honest and straightforward when a potential client asks questions or seeks clarification. Transparency in businesses builds trust and goodwill, allowing both parties to benefit from the professional relationship.

One of the things a potential Cloud telephony client must look for is the company’s industry and security compliance. Service providers must show that they have the correct certifications to put their clients’ minds at ease. For example, is it HIPAA-compliant, ISO/IEC 20071-certified, SOC 2-assured, and PCI-certified?

If the company cannot provide these certifications or any other assurance from a trustworthy organization, businesses must consider it a red flag.

We have been in the Cloud telephony business for a long time, such that we know the importance and value of securing our clients’ trust. At Croo, nothing is more valuable than having a client’s complete faith in what we offer and the things we can do for them.

Limited Features and Integrations

What makes Cloud telephony services stand out from conventional phone systems is their capacity for integrations and a wealth of features. It should make things easier for the business, allowing it to run its operations smoothly and effectively.

You can consider it a red flag if the Cloud telephony service provider you are talking to cannot provide you with a clear description of their product offerings or inherent capabilities. It would be best to have a checklist of features you want to have in your phone system, including elements you need to integrate.

At Croo, we offer a vast array of customer-centric features and integrations. Our Croo Talk program is not your average VoIP system. We also provide simplified call management, connect a maximum of five devices, and Zoho integration. If that is insufficient, our extensive suite of functions will transform your company into the business of the future.

Poor Client Satisfaction

There is no better gauge of a company’s performance than the number of happy and satisfied customers. After all, businesses exist because they have clients or customers to serve.

Failure to meet clients’ expectations can tarnish the organization’s reputation and make it challenging to rebuild its image. That is why low customer satisfaction ratings are always a red flag.

Of course, clients must also check the customer reviews because of their subjective nature. It could be that someone is only creating a negative comment about the service provider because of something else and not the quality of the experience. However, if the issue is prevalent across customers, it only shows the level of quality provided by the Cloud telephony company.

We at Croo have a net customer satisfaction rating of 99.7%. We recognize that there will always be people and organizations who may feel less than thrilled about the services we provide. However, they only constitute less than one percent of all the clients we served. This fact will put your mind at ease.


Choosing the best Cloud telephony service provider is crucial to ensure your business transitions from an analog communications platform to a digital system. Learning about the red flags to watch out for a bad Cloud telephony service provider will draw you closer to sealing a deal with the best.

Sarah Reyes

Written by Sarah Reyes