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Our CEO's Vision

Aug 24, 2021 11:11:23 AM

Let me introduce myself, I’m Alexandre Gauthier, Co-Founder & CEO of The Croo Group.  Often I get asked, why Insurance  agencies choose us, instead of other phone companies. I think it’s  because our entire expertise and focus are on their industry. Over the years we have become the leader in communication solutions for insurance  agencies.

We already integrate key insurance software in our system and there’s more to come this year! The next 12 months are pretty exciting for Croo. 

To be honest, At first, we had a lot of skepticism by the industry : Another tech company promising to disrupt  the industry.  Yeah right ! 

We know our industry suffers greatly in its reputation. Telecommunications companies around the world have a reputation for always raising prices and striving to offer less, poor customer service, astronomical prices for telephony functions and collaboration tools.

I can assure you : each Croo member is committed to our mission : disrupting the telecom industry, period.  We work harder to make sure our customer’s don’t have to do it. It’s our Mission. We are thrilled  to accomplish the extra mile to support thousands of insurance agents in America.  

At Croo, we have a drastically different approach. We consider the prices of our packages as investments under management that our customers entrust to us. We make it a point to make it grow for them. 

We offer the best customer service in our industry and always more innovative communication  features, allowing them to increase their productivity.

To create the perfect telecommunication solution for the  industry, we partnered with agency owners in Canada and USA to challenge us to solve their business need, your business needs And that’s how we developed Croo Talk for Insurance Agents

Together we are realizing the ambitious projects to make agencies more productive with the right communication tools. 

The customer experience is what dictates technology and not the other way around. It is a mantra that we embrace. Our whole product and customer service approach is impregnated by this desire to offer a unique user experience. Our product must serve the user, it is up to our software development team to adapt the technology to the user experience.

The reputation of excellence of our technical support department and our customer service is well established and is an integral part of our customer offer.

Our products are easy to use, and perfectly mastered by our technical support team. 

To support our incredible growth, we need the best human resources in a highly competitive market. We noticed that the dynamic range between what can be accomplished and what is the best way of doing things it’s to focus on A+ players and treat them like family.  So they will treat our clients as family too.