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What Makes Croo Different?

Nov 25, 2021 9:00:00 AM

A cloud telephony system is a digital platform that exists on the internet. It has the same features as analog phone systems, only better. You get conventional telephony features like call forwarding and call recording.

However, operating and managing the telephony services occur on the internet. You do not need physical resources or costly repairs to maintain the system.
While there are many Cloud-based telephony systems available, few are as reliable as Croo Talk. Here’s what makes it different.

Excellent Support
Time Click’s Bobby Gainey said, “Croo has been great! Using their service has been awesome, and anytime we call for help, they are prompt to respond and solve our problems! Highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!”
Croo Talk’s dedicated support makes it easy for clients to reach out and get help, whether for technical-related or customer service concerns.

Work-Life Balance
A communication system should be able to separate leisure and work. Employees should have the choice of not giving their number to clients, too, because it is impractical and inconvenient at the same time to answer work-related calls when you’re not supposed to.
Croo offers an innovative mobile app that improves overall mobile connectivity. Clients can choose to set their app to the “Do not disturb” mode when they do not want work calls to bother them.

Efficiency and Reliability
The pen-and-paper method for recording calls is unreliable. What will you do if you misplaced the piece of paper? Where would you begin? What if you need to record important client information? Refer to the conversation to verify what the client said?
Call recording is vital for insurance agencies and brokerages because it can save them from a lot of hassle later.

As you already know, agents ask clients a series of questions about filing a claim or upgrading a policy. They also record important client information.

“The call recording feature can also help with self-improvement, allowing individual employees to access their calls directly on the Croo portal,” Sales Director Julian Stillitano said.
He also added that the feature translates to secure records. It also allows employees easy access if they want to review or listen to the recordings again for reference.

For effortless call record-keeping, they can also download the recording directly into the AMS or Broker Management System or put it in a folder. It helps agents organize their work and save time from going over all the records.

Croo Talk’s call recording feature also protects agencies from omissions and errors. The information is readily available when needed.

Customer Satisfaction
“There is nothing more heartwarming than a client coming back to you and telling you that switching over to your business was the best decision they ever made,” Stillitano revealed.
“The Croo team is known not only to deliver for delivering the goods but also and to for exceeding customer expectations of our clients,” he added.

New Employee Training and Monitoring
According to the Association for Talent Development, organizations spend about $1,252 to train a new employee.

Croo Talk reduces cost because it offers training features. For example, employers can listen in on a call with a new employee to ensure the new hire follows company standards when handling a client call.

It also features live call listening and call whispering that allows team leaders and managers to be there for new employees, regardless of employee location.
Customized Services for the Insurance Industry
People ask why veteran insurance professionals choose Croo for their telecommunication needs. Stillitano quips, “I think it’s because our focus and expertise lay squarely in their industry. Indeed, over the years, we’ve become the leader in communication solutions for such clients,” he added.

Businesses can easily integrate Croo and Zoho CRM to boost their productivity. Now, you never have to miss another prospect or client call again with Croo Talk’s missed call alerts and other noteworthy features, such as one-click dialing, quick contact creation, and automatic call logging. It also offers a more simplified call record management and a one-click follow-up feature.

Final Thoughts
Croo’s CEO Alexandre Gauthier said, “Our company’s ultimate goal is to give agencies the right communication tools so they can become freer and stronger.”
Croo revolutionizes modern communication for businesses, small to large. We’re one of the pioneers in the industry that has been around for years and have been helping companies streamline their communication approach, making it more suitable for the busy, modern customer.
Get the cloud telephony system that grows as you do. We’re your highly scalable, cost-effective, and reliable communication system. We are Croo Talk. Croo isn’t your ordinary cloud phone system. We’re simply better. Call us today!

Sarah Reyes

Written by Sarah Reyes