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Custom hold music and messaging

Create a unique, branded experience for your client while they are on hold. Take advantage of this time to relay important marketing messages.

Complete suite of basic functions

The standard functions of the Croo Cloud PBX are easy to use and cover virtually every business situation: Caller ID, multi-line management, advanced voicemail, call transfers and forwarding, and presence management.

A fully scalable phone system

Croo Cloud PBX grows as you grow so your costs always match your level of business – you'll never overextend your financial commitment or get caught with a phone system that doesn’t meet your needs.

Unmatched mobility

Engineered on the Amazon Web Services global infrastructure, your phone system maintains its clarity and reliability no matter where you are or who you're communicating with. You'll always have access to your IOS and Android softphone services, centralized voicemail, and instant messaging between your colleagues.

Effective Call Management

Stay on top of your incoming calls to optimize customer service. The Croo Cloud PBX also allows you to easily manage call forwarding, call recording, call parking, paging and intercom functions, and missed call notifications.

Unify your Vision

Eliminate uncertainty and know the real ROI of your marketing campaigns by merging your CRM data with our Croo Analytics platform.