Boost your productivity

Our awesome CRM integrations will give you a sense of efficiency. Call your customers with a simple click, or have your lead's profile pop up before your answer their call. Get ready to maximize your day!

Keep track of your daily activities

Imagine a solution that logs all of your calls into your CRM for you, and reminds you that you missed a call from an important lead! Fantastic right? Lets your Croo Talk do the job for you.

Advanced analytics tools

Eliminate uncertainty and know the real ROI of your marketing
campaigns by merging your CRM data with our Foneco
Analytics platform.

Croo Talk - Connect up to 5 devices

Keep all the Croo Talk awesomeness no matter where you go. Connect of up to 5 devices for your Croo Talk users. Desk Phone, Mobile app or Softphone.

Croo Talk

Let's go beyond telephony

Communication solutions to fuel
your success

Croo Talk gives you all the functions you need today and tomorrow.

  1. Basic phone features. Reliable and easy-to-use traditional telephone functions such as display and voicemail
  2. Ultimate Mobility. Enjoy your Foneco services and features on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  3. Call management. Our simple and intuitive management console makes it easy to manage your call flow.

Croo's Control Panel

All the best performance assessment
tools, call statistics, and live call listening and recording.

  1. User-friendly management console. Live call listening. Call recording. ACD & Statistics
  2. Call queues & ring groups
  3. Live KPI monitoring
simple pricing

Our best plans to suit your needs

With an overall 99 % customer satisfaction rate, you don't need to commit to a long term contract. Select one of
our bundles that suit your need

Croo Talk Basic

All the business phone features you need to run your business from anywhere in the
world and take it to the next level.

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Croo Talk for CRM

All the business phone features you need to run your business + our powerful CRM integrations.

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