Microsoft Teams

Croo Connect enhances Microsoft Teams by seamlessly
integrating advanced telephony features. Elevate your
Teams experience with streamlined communication,
bridging gaps for optimal collaboration.



Unlimited Calling & Texts within Canada, United States and Mexico.


Complete phone system, collaboration andCall Center solution.


Remote ManagementSet hours, balance work-life,and lead remote teams.


The best value on the market : features, managed and reliability unbeatable.


Integrate your telephony with your CRM, Service Desk and more.

Integrations is the harmony of systems, creating a symphony of seamless functionality.

Unified Croo &
Microsoft Teams

Seamless Integration
Marry the best of Croo Connect and Microsoft Teams. Experience flawless communication, uniting advanced telephony features with Teams' collaboration capabilities.
Enhanced Collaboration
Leverage Croo's telephony within Teams. Boost teamwork, conduct efficient meetings, and streamline project coordination, all in a unified environment.
Customized Experience
Tailor your Teams journey with Croo Connect. Choose to operate fully within Croo or integrate telephony into your existing Teams setup, ensuring flexibility.
Expert Support
Our dedicated professionals ensure smooth integration. From setup to troubleshooting, trust Croo's expertise to optimize your Microsoft Teams experience.

Anywhere You Go

Experience unmatched flexibility with Croo's for Microsoft Teams. Voice, text, collaborate seamlessly - empowering your work from virtually anywhere without boundaries

Hybrid Communications

Tailor your communication toolbox with Croo Connect, Microsoft Teams, and Desk Phones. Mix and match platforms, ensuring each team member utilizes the best tool for their unique needs.

Connecting you globally, journeying with you locally.

Complete call management

With Microsoft Teams and Croo, manage calls effortlessly. Experience advanced features like call hold, 3-way conferencing,
call transfer, and more, elevating your communication efficiency.

100% managed services

Entrust us with your needs, and watch them manifest.
With our professionals at the helm, your requests are our command—no extra costs.

Explore Our Pricing Options

Dive into Croo Connect's straightforward pricing structure. Designed for every budget, ensuring quality communication doesn't break the bank


$20 / month

All the essentials for good communications.
+ Free Professionnal Onboarding
Unlimited Calls in Canada, USA & Mexico
Local or Toll Free Numbers
Virtual Receptionist (IVR)
Advanced Call Management with
sites management


$25 / month

CRMs integrations and call recording for business efficiency
+ Free Professionnal Onboarding
Everything in Essential +
Direct Domestic Phone Number
Advanced Business SMS
Integrations : Zoho One, Salesforce and more
Auto Call Recording
Call Center
Best Value


$35 / month

All you need for business communications
+ Free Professionnal Onboarding
Advanced Call Center
Hot Desking
Opt Out Call Back Features
Widget Call Button
Onboarding Excellence

Dive into Croo's unparalleled onboarding journey. Tailored to your unique requirements, our exclusive process ensures a seamless transition, equipping you with the tools and insights to harness the full potential of our platform from day one. Your success is our blueprint.

Talk with an expert

1. Tailored Discovery

Engage with our seasoned experts to outline your communication goals. We listen intently, ensuring a tailored plan that perfectly aligns with your business aspirations.

2. Effortless Installation

Experience a hassle-free setup. We craft a personalized phone system just for you, whether that means adding new numbers or porting existing ones, all without extra charges.

3. Comprehensive Onboarding

Experience a hassle-free setup. We craft a personalized phone system just for you, whether that means adding new numbers or porting existing ones, all without extra charges.